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Real Rife Technology



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Strengthens body's natural immune response. A POWERFUL 1-2 punch when combined with YourBiotics.

✔ Enhanced Immune Defense

By incorporating a blend of powerful ingredients such as Vitamin C, Organic Elderberry Extract, and Organic Garlic Bulb Powder, this supplement helps strengthen your immune response, making your body more resilient against pathogens and reducing the risk of infections.

✔ Increased Resilience

With regular use, this immune-boosting supplement can help improve your overall resilience. The combination of ingredients work together to fortify your body's defenses, providing added protection against common ailments and supporting your overall well-being.

✔ Cold and Flu Support

Especially beneficial during cold and flu seasons. The inclusion of Organic Elderberry Extract, known for its potential to reduce the severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms, can help you recover faster and get back to feeling your best.

✔ Overall Wellness

Supporting your immune health is crucial for maintaining overall wellness. By promoting a strong immune system, Your Immune Health contributes to your overall vitality and helps you lead a healthier, more vibrant life.

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