The real Rife Machine  can be used on an individual basis or collectively with a group.  Use with your friends and family! 


    Calling all naturopaths, chiropractors, and holistic health practitioners! Enhance your practice with the real Rife Machine. 

  • PETS

    Our device is not just for humans, animals can also reap the benefits of the real Rife Machine. 


    Have a sick shrub? Bring your plants back to life with the real Rife Machine!


    The real Rife Machine can safely be used on children ages 3 and up. 


    Want to excel in the therapy industry? Use our Rife Machine to take your therapy practice to the next level. 

Additional Research

If you are looking for more information on how Rife Technology works, read the peer-reviewed studies on frequency therapy below. 

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Newly classified form of life, Archaea Microbes.


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