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Real Rife Machine

COPPER Spoonie Rife Machine

COPPER Spoonie Rife Machine

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*Expected Ship Date April 15th* 

Rife Machine centers around frequency sessions for mild to wellness concerns such as seasonal allergies, headaches, and fatigue as well as optimizing health to become the best version of yourself. Currently, Rife Technology offers 4 different levels of the Rife machine that varies on size and power to better address your specific needs.

The Copper Spoonie Rife Machine is our entry level wellness product. The Copper Spoonie Rife Machine comes with a 5 watt dual channel amplifier that connects to a personal device. 

Device includes:

◉ Copper Spoonie Rife Machine Coil

◉ 5 Watt Dual Channel Rechargeable Amplifier

◉ Waterproof External Hard Drive Case 



This product is recognized by the FDA as a General Wellness Product, and not a medical device.

General wellness claims relate to:
· weight management,
· physical fitness, including products intended for recreational use,
· relaxation or stress management,
· mental acuity,
· sleep management, or
· sexual function.
· Promote or maintain a healthy weight, encourage healthy eating, or assist with weight loss goals;
· Promote relaxation or manage stress;
· Increase, improve, or enhance the flow of qi “energy”;
· Improve mental acuity, instruction following, concentration, problem-
solving, multitasking, resource management, decision-making, logic, pattern recognition, or eye-hand coordination;

And much much more! Join the thousands that have a Rife Machine before they’re all gone!

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