Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most common questions. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at admin@realrifetechnology. 

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What is Rife technology?

Rife Technology uses scientifically proven electromagnetic fields found naturally in the environment to target the human body's electrical system for various positive health outcomes. 

Do Rife Machines actually work?

Several testimonies show people have markedly improved health and wellness outcomes after one session with a Rife Machine. Leading scientists and practitioners across the world use the Rife Machine in their daily practice. Check out our Resources Center to find peer-reviewed studies showing the effectiveness of Rife technology. See disclaimer. 

Can the Rife Machine cure cancer?

The Rife machine is NOT FDA-approved and therefore it would be illegal to claim that it cures cancer or any other disease. We strongly encourage you to read through the research and history of the Rife Machine and discoveries of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife to learn more about the true capabilities of this technology and how it was used to combat cancer in the past.

What makes your Rife Machine different than the others?

Our Rife Machine is designed by Matthew Rife, a direct descendent of the scientist and inventor of the Rife Machine, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. The designs are based off of Dr. Rife's discoveries, which have been kept as a family secret for over 70 years. Matthew has vigorously studied and tested the work of Dr. Rife for years to develop the product we have today. 

My Rife Machine isn't making noise, does that mean it's broken?

No. Our machines are not designed to make noise. You can tell if the machine is functioning properly by placing a rare earth magnet, which is provided, in the center of the coil.  If the machine is powered on and set up correctly, then you will see the magnet start to pulsate at about 25-35 hz. Change the frequency and the magnet will pulsate in a different rhythm. Ensure the volume on your phone is up as well as the volume on the amplifier. Please visit our Resource Center for a video demonstration.

What is the range of the Rife Machine ?

The Copper Spoonie Rife Machine has a range of 3 linear feet which means anyone within 3 feet of the machine will absorb frequencies. The Silver Spoonie has a range of 9 linear feet. The Gold Spoonie Machine has a range of 25 linear feet. The Royal Spoonie Machine has a range of 75 linear feet. These ranges are affected by the noise (RF and EMF waves) in the air, as well as solid walls (brick, sheetrock, and siding). Anything that creates a faraday cage (conductive metals) around it will completely block the EMF signal. 

How do I choose what frequency is right for me?

After you have downloaded the Z-App, explore the different sequences and frequencies programmed inside the app. We recommend to start with a lower frequency to see how your body reacts. Frequencies will affect everybody differently, so it's important to start slow and observe your body. Choose a frequency or sequence that lasts about 3-5 minutes from the list based off of your desired therapy. 

Are there any side effects of the Rife Machine?

Everybody will respond differently to a session. Some people experience nausea  during the first few sessions due to a gentle detox. We recommend to stop use of the machine if you feel nauseated, drink plenty of water to help your body flush out any toxins, and wait about 2-3 days before your next session. If you begin to experience any symptoms that you are concerned about, immediately stop using the machine and  reach out to your physician or visit your local emergency room. 

Are there any contraindications with the Rife Machine?

There are no known contraindications with the Rife Machine. The Rife Machine produces electromagnetic fields found naturally in the environment. However, we do not recommend using our machine if you have any type of electronic medical device, such as pacemakers, AICDs, etc. We do recommend that you please consult with your physician before use of this machine.  

What other safety concerns should I be aware of?

Inspect your Rife Machine before each use. If you notice any loose or exposed wires, then do not proceed to use machine. If you notice the amplifier becomes overheated, then turn off machine immediately and let the machine cool down to room temperature before you touch it. Do not place machine directly on your skin. Please contact us if you feel that you have a defective machine at admin@realrifetechnology. 

Can I run the Rife Machine while I sleep?

It is not recommended. Individuals react differently to different frequencies and one should be consciously aware of their bodies while Rifing. It’s also very important that individuals drink plenty of water while Rifing and afterwards.

Can I run the Rife Machine on a group of people at the same time?

Yes you can as long as they are within the range of the coils. Each person's body will accept the frequencies that they need.

What if I can’t find the specific condition that I’m looking for on the Z-app?

You can e-mail us at contact@realrifetechnology.comand we will help you find a sequence that is right for you. 

If you are in the same room with someone who is running the Rife Machine for a condition you don’t have, will you be negatively impacted?

No. All of the frequencies from the Rife Machine are naturally occurring and are frequencies found in nature. Each person's body will accept the frequencies they need. So if you are in the room with someone running the Rife Machine for arthritis and you don't have arthritis, your body won't be affected. 

My question wasn't answered, what do I do?

Please contact us with any further questions at admin@realrifetechnology.