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YourDigestiveSupport Colon Cleanse

YourDigestiveSupport Colon Cleanse

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POWERFUL 1-2 Punch when partnered with YourBiotics

Powerful gut herbs for a potent digestive cleanse that detoxes and fortifies internal systems. 30 Capsules

✔ Digestive Regularity and Bowel Support

Cascara sagrada bark, psyllium husk powder, and senna leaf are natural laxative ingredients that may help promote healthy bowel movements and relieve occasional constipation. These herbs can support digestive regularity and contribute to a healthy gastrointestinal system.

✔ Improved Digestion and Nutrient Absorption

Flaxseed powder is rich in dietary fiber, which can aid in digestion and promote bowel regularity. It can also help improve nutrient absorption in the gut, ensuring that essential nutrients from the diet are absorbed more effectively.

✔ Soothing and Healing Properties

Aloe vera gel and licorice root have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that may help calm irritation and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. These herbs can contribute to overall gut comfort and support the healing of digestive discomfort.

✔ Promotion of Beneficial Gut Bacteria

Lactobacillus acidophilus is a probiotic strain known for its ability to support a healthy gut microbiome. By promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, lactobacillus acidophilus can help maintain a balanced gut flora, supporting digestive health and immune function.

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