The Father of Bioelectric Medicine and His Forgotten Science

The Father of Bioelectric Medicine and His Forgotten Science

In the fall of 1983, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) faced a devastating outbreak of avian influenza, commonly known as bird flu. Farmers were battling to stop the disease's spread as millions of birds were impacted. Because the situation was so dire, the USDA recommended an unconventional solution - hydrogen peroxide.

Over 1 million birds were given food-grade hydrogen peroxide in their drinking water, and remarkably, none of them contracted the flu. This powerful disinfectant was believed to be effective in killing the virus by oxidizing its outer layer. The use of hydrogen peroxide helped to reduce the severity of the outbreak and prevented it from spreading among the treated birds.

This historical event highlights the power of natural and homeopathic remedies, and the importance of tapping into the knowledge that we have forgotten. It serves as a reminder that often the most straightforward and organic solutions can provide the best results.

One person who understood the power of natural remedies was Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, a scientist, and inventor who discovered that diseases could be treated using electromagnetic frequencies. Rife's work was not only groundbreaking but decades in advance of its time. He created a frequency machine that he believed could target and destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

Rife's frequency machine was tested by the US government, including during a study conducted by the National Cancer Institute on 16 terminally ill cancer and tuberculosis patients. The results were not short of remarkable, with 14 of the 16 patients showing significant improvement, and the remaining 2 reporting to be symptom-free.

Rife's frequency machine worked by emitting specific frequencies that were tuned to the individual patient's unique electromagnetic signature. These frequencies specifically targeted and eliminated cancer cells while protecting healthy cells. Using radio frequencies, the device generated an electrical field that induced cancer cells to resonate at a certain frequency, ultimately leading to the cells' demise.

However, it is important to note that Rife Technology's Real Rife Machine is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases. The Real Rife Machine is a therapeutic device, which is designed to emit specific frequencies that are believed to help support the body's natural healing process. The Real Rife Machine is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment and should be used in conjunction with medical advice and treatment from a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Despite the promising results of Rife's frequency machine, the medical establishment was resistant to his ideas. In the 1930s, the FDA refused to approve Rife's machine, and his work was largely forgotten for decades. However, thanks to the internet, Rife's legacy is being revived. The development of modern technology has made it possible to replicate Rife's frequency machine, which is believed to help treat a wide range of illnesses, including cancer.

Rife Technology is a company that has developed a modern version of Rife's frequency machine, based on Dr. Rife’s blueprints–the REAL Rife Machine. The Real Rife machine is designed to support the body's natural healing process by emitting specific frequencies that are tuned to the patient's unique electromagnetic signature. While the scientific community is still divided on the effectiveness of Rife's frequency machine, some researchers believe that it has significant potential.

In conclusion, the story of the chickens and the avian flu epidemic, and the work of Royal Raymond Rife highlight the importance of natural and homeopathic remedies. The legacy of Rife's work continues to inspire researchers and scientists today, and the development of modern technology has made it possible to explore the potential of frequency machines further. It is important to continue to investigate the potential of these natural remedies while also following conventional medical advice and treatment.

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